TeachFeed was a way of making PESL teaching resources available from your website.

What was the purpose?

You could demonstrate the range, quality and experience of teaching at Nottingham. PESL's peer-reviewed teaching resources are widely used across campus, around UK HEIs and internationally. TeachFeed enabled you to tap into a respected teaching enhancement dissemination source.

What could I display?

You could display lists of up to 5 teaching resources by an author, from your School, related to a teaching theme (e.g. e-learning, employability, large group teaching and so on), or a selection of resources from any of the PESL related websites. NB TeachFeed was only available for University websites.

How TeachFeed worked

Having decided what to display, you placed a small snippet of code on your web page. Your list of teaching resources were refreshed nightly, so if your choice included more than 5 resources, a different selection would be displayed each day. The colour of the top and bottom bars could be set to suit your website and the text in the top bar and the short introductory text could also be customised.

Next step

Contact Dr Rachel Scudamore (PESL Director)

TeachFeed examples:

TeachFeed height test (displayed for 'valid hosts' only)
NB all html files in 'http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/pesl/teachfeed/' are displayed.

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