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Key themes agreed by the group.

For task one, participants watch eight short videos and label them with the teaching theme keywords that were agreed beforehand in the opening workshop. The results below are from a group of Practitioner Health Lecturers in the School of Nursing.

Most keyworded videos:

The number of times each video was keyworded by one group:

Asking questions of students in ...   


Video keyworded 253 times

Managing small groups in large ...   


Video keyworded 242 times

How can you accommodate diversity ...   


Video keyworded 231 times

Using aims at the beginning of ...   


Video keyworded 209 times

Monitoring small groups in large ...   


Video keyworded 209 times

Real life examples give context to ...   


Video keyworded 209 times

Beginning a session with an ...   


Video keyworded 176 times

If lecturing is a performance, how ...   


Video keyworded 154 times

(video list auto updated)

Most used keywords:

One group associated keywords with videos as follows:

Managing disruptions 5

Being credible 16

Group work feedback 7

Keeping interest 43

Appropriate level 18

Variety 22

Assessing learning 15

Participation 27

(Keyword list, e.g. selection count, auto updated)
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