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A 3 minutes, 11 seconds video by Kerry Welch (School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy), produced on 5th September 2008.

I'm a full time lecturer, teaching Public Health and Health Promotion, to undergraduate nursing students. I'm new to the lecturing role, so it's quite a learning curve for me, joining a university.

The biggest problem I thought I would have is classroom management, and dealing with unruly students, although it seems not to have not been much of a problem after I've got over my initial concerns. But going into a classroom, I seem to have managed the classroom quite well, but from that, other problems have emerged.

As I was explaining in the group earlier, I set the group a task to do in group work and the room fell completely silent. And then I found that I was really uncomfortable with the silence and I was expecting some chatter, and people not having their full attention on the task, but that wasn't what it was like at all.

And in the end I cut the task short just to get people talking again, because I always find that I was uncomfortable at the front, stood at the front in total silence.

We've looked at some videos of staff at the University teaching, and also talking about that teaching. Has that been useful?

It has, yes. I think when I first came into this I felt that being a lecturer was almost inaccessible to me, and that I would automatically be quite bad at it. But seeing the other lecturers there, using techniques which I thought actually, I would probably use, has reassured me quite a lot.

It also give me tips and how I can develop my style and tips at how to interact with the class. Because it would be very easy just to stand at the front of the class and just talk, talk, talk, but it's developing that rapport and getting a communication going on in the class.

The initial part about looking at "What do you think this video is trying to put across?" You know, whether it's about keeping interest, about participation, I found that quite useful because it made you look deeper into possibly what the lecturer's aiming at. So yeah, I found that very useful actually, hmmm.

Is there anything in particular that you've seen that you're going to take forward into your own practice?

The use of props I thought would be quite handy. Liz Sockett's use of a mad cow pencil case I thought was very good because it did make me remember her, particularly at that session.

So I think I'd like to bring some props in. I'd like to bring a lot more multimedia resources in, and use of photographs and things like that.

I'm going to try and develop some questioning into my lectures and see how they go and reflect on them, you know, see how the classes will respond to the questions I put out and how that can change the class atmosphere.

It's just all about reflecting on your technique and reflecting on the way you're teaching. And this course particularly, has helped me look at the way I would approach a lesson, look at how I respond within a lesson, and how to develop the students further.
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