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Group issues to address.

Participants define the issues

Participants discussed their main concerns around teaching, in this case specifically teaching large groups.

A number of key themes emerged, and the group agreed a set of eight areas that they would like to address.

The eight key areas helped facilitators select suitable videos and were used as a focus in the online video analysis exercises.

Issues identified by participants on a recent event...

Managing disruptions: dealing with latecomers, mobile phones and students talking in a lecture.

Being credible: coming across as knowledgeable about the subject.

Group work feedback: how to give students work in smaller groups within a large group.

Keeping interest: making sure you're connecting with students, and how to check they're still with you.

Appropriate level: pitching your explanations to include a range of previous knowledge and experience levels.

Variety: incorporating and managing a variety of delivery methods and activities.

Assessing learning: how to tell whether you're making sense.

Participation: getting students actively involved in learning.

Flipchart with collected ideas
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