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A 3 minutes, 2 seconds video by Dominic Willcocks (School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy), produced on 5th September 2008.

I'm a Practitioner Health Lecturer, so my responsibilities are part linked to practice and part to theory and the education of student nurses in the School of Nursing.

My main concerns are that coming from practice I've been out of education a long time. So the way education works, the, sort of, the theory, the academic side of it, that's my main concerns really, and getting up to speed with that.

I'm quite happy talking about the clinical area because I've got a long background in the clinical area, having worked for 25 years on the wards.

There were some very good pointers in the videos, so it - especially for a new teacher, and I think it helps to get some good ideas from people who've been doing the job a while. And, you know, they know they've used them, and they know they work, so I think that has been useful, yeah.

How much of what you've seen do you think you can transfer into your own context?

I think I can transfer quite a lot of it into my own teaching practice, the working with groups, the planning, the making sessions memorable. All the sort of things that are on the videos, I think I can use quite a lot of, yeah.

What do you think you've learnt from doing this event that you're going to find most useful in your practice?

Right. I think, sort of, assessing the level of your students, and making sure that you think things through in the students' eyes as much as possible.

And the preparation, it's something that - it's not my strong point, preparation, in that I put it off and put it off, but I think there's no substitute for preparation and being prepared.

Especially from that aspect of looking at the students and where they're at and what you want to achieve with the students, so I think that's very, very important.

And for me as well, I want to teach and facilitate and I think for me, I want to develop the relationship with students so it's a, sort of, two way process.

I want to concentrate on the beginning of the lesson and get some very dynamic, thought provoking exercises to start the lessons. So that people remember that lesson and also so that they are, sort of, enthused from the outset really.

That's what I'm intending to do next Monday on a session on the Mental Health Act.
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