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Action plans for teaching development.

Samples from two action plans:

"Intense sessions need to be fragmented in order to maintain attention. Therefore I plan to incorporate more hands on work such as care planning and active involvement in the issues surrounding care management. For example exploring physiology in groups and looking at the impact of multiple pathology in the light of the taught condition."

"One of the areas that I identified at the last session was teaching at appropriate level … my action plan could be as follows:

i) Ensure aims and objectives are clear, check that this is what students are expecting, and review again at end of session to ensure they have been covered adequately (Using aims at beginning)
ii) Ensure there are ways to put context in, e.g case studies, exercises, to ensure that theory is transferred to practice (Accommodate diversity 04:01, Real life examples, 00:00)
ii) Check lesson plans with colleague or mentor prior to session, against module outlines
iii) request observation from peers/mentor/module leader, and request feedback."

Participants discussing action plans
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