PESL's contribution: engaging with staff.

For an academic audience, an engaging website is one that encourages exploration and challenges unquestioned positions. This opens space for a re-evaluation of familiar teaching positions in the recognisable context of practice at Nottingham.

Using respectful engagement as a guiding principle for online resource design produces websites that are non-trivial and conversational rather than prescriptive.

"PESL is Nottingham University's highly engaging teaching and learning website. There are practical case studies on a range of different learning & teaching methods and lots of short video clips on subjects such as ‘Managing noise in the lecture room’ & ‘Using visual aids.’"

HE Academy Subject Centre for English
May 2007.

Engaging with website visitors

  • Resource display: the PESL model eschews a default archival cul-de-sac arrangement in favour of one that facilitates exploration.
  • Screen environment: thought-provoking online spaces offer connections and resources where topics of relevance are explored in depth.
  • Video resources: the constructed realness of lecture footage, contextualised by interview, gives powerful insights into practice.
  • Resource production: collection and editing foregrounds connections with common teaching concerns and highlights transferable elements of practice.
  • Creating content: website activity by staff on campus is represented in the "most-viewed" and "also-viewed" resource lists.


Engaging with project contributors

  • The academic Editorial Board steered the collection and ensure quality of content.
  • Guest Editors selected resources that resonated with their teaching concerns.
  • Project advisory panels put teaching concerns at the heart of new developments.
  • Networks of resource contributors discuss customary and progressive teaching philosophies across Schools.

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