PESL's impact: embedding good practice.

Changes in teaching practice demonstrate how learning from peers becomes a normal part of professional development, particularly when colleagues' ideas and practice are more widely available for critique.


PESL's impact

  • Raising awareness of, and normalising, topical themes in teaching.
  • Demonstrating what "quality" might look like in a range of contexts.
  • Making policy implementable by staff by demonstrating the translation of policy into practice.
  • Support for local and cross-campus dissemination and quality enhancement activities.
  • Engaging staff in learning from peers in a "network" of good practice.

"We plan to use [the website] as part of our staff induction process and also incorporate its use in our module planning process. This way we hope to be able to ensure we are taking advantage of best practice within the University when it comes to teaching."

Professor Malcolm Cobb
School of Veterinary Medicine & Science.

Reusing PESL resources

PESL TeachFeed: Sharing teaching resources

With TeachFeed, other University websites can feature a selection of PESL resources.


PESL's sharable expertise

  • Transferable approach: audience- and issue-specific websites with engaging screen environments and an authentic academic voice.
  • Measuring engagement: developing web analytics as strategic research into how visitors make use of web-based resources.
  • Database-driven websites: a development approach that places the screen environment as a determinant of database design.
  • Resource reusability: syndication of content for re-use across a range of appropriately contextualised websites.
  • Sharing practice: preserving the academic voice and local context whilst highlighting transferable practice.
  • Resource production: creating web-based material that resonates with the experience of teaching.
  • Video display: contextualised playback with transcript synchronisation and alternative access.

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