PESL's contribution: effective dissemination.

For dissemination to be effective, it's not enough simply to make examples of good practice available. PESL resonates with real teaching concerns and encourages critique of content from credible sources across the University to uncover evidence-based and clearly transferable practice.

By doing the work that's needed to turn an otherwise distant case study into a tangible framework for applying a principle, PESL makes the potential of a colleague's practice easier to evaluate.

At a time when the value of good teaching was increasingly recognised, PESL provided a shortcut to a well-used method for enhancing practice: learning from academic peers.


PESL's dissemination model

  • Academic voice: the academic Editorial Board shaped the subject matter, tone and focus of the resources, keeping real teaching issues to the fore.
  • Practice and theory: PESL provides a window onto teaching activity and the practioners' pedagogical rationale, balancing experience and scholarship of teaching.
  • Authentic content: resources show academic practice at Nottingham described by Nottingham academics, giving credibility to the approaches shown.

PESL's measures of effectiveness

  • Visitor data: PESL websites were attracting a growing number of staff from across faculties as regular visitors.
  • Web analytics: learning about how visitors engage with the resources, not just how many visitors there are.
  • Participation: staff in online Video::Interactions events negotiated the meaning of videos in relation to their own practice.
  • Local adoption: PESL resources are incorporated into School processes to address local teaching development agendas.
  • QAA recognition: The Teaching website is recognised as a valuable resource for School staff support systems.

HE Academy recognition…

"I can transfer a lot into my own practice. I want to concentrate on the beginning of the session and get some dynamic, thought-provoking exercises to start - that's what I'm intending to do next Monday."

Dominic Wilcocks
School of Nursing

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